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For years and years, we have been speaking in our native languages, but that urge to explore new languages is something most of us have experienced. The language learning industry has seen an unpredictable spike due to people’s interest in discovering new languages around the globe. One such in-demand language is Chinese. 

Mentor Language institute provides one of the amazing Chinese Language Course in Delhi. Well, no matter what criteria you fall into, our experienced language instructors will guide you through an immersive and interactive language learning experience.



The cinema and digital era have unlocked the door of cultural exchange all around the world. Looking at Chinese TV shows, web series etc, has pushed people toward the exciting language, culture and lifestyle. People tend to know and learn more about the Chinese Language and this is what made us launch an amazing Chinese Language Course that will serve their purpose. In the case of learning any language, one mistake can ruin the foundation, resulting in confusion or wrong idiolect. 

Moral of the story? You need to take your research seriously when it comes to finding a Chinese Language Course in Delhi for yourself!


The scope of the  Chinese language course at the Mentor Language Institute covers all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course is designed to help students gain proficiency in these skills, enabling them to communicate confidently in the language. In addition, the course also covers topics related to Chinese culture and history, providing insight into the language and culture.


benefits of joining our chinese language COURSE


Do you know Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 1.3 billion speakers worldwide? Well now you know! So just imagine by joining our Chinese Language Course in Delhi and learning Chinese, you can communicate with a majority of the global population.


If you think learning Chinese can only employ you as a translator, then let us bring you the facts. Learning Chinese can introduce you to a wide set of employment opportunities in fields such as Business, Education , Diplomacy, Tourism and more.


Making its way as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, China is turning itself into a hub for international business and trade. Learning the Chinese Language can help you get an edge over the advantageous position in the global employment market.


If you are someone who is keen to know the incredible culture of China, then our Chinese Language Course in Delhi can definitely help you. With the proper language knowledge, you can explore classical Chinese literature, dive into the life of influential philosophers, and appreciate traditional Chinese arts.


Are you someone who's eyeing to pursue higher studies? If yes, then joining Chinese Language Institute can highly work in your favor. Not just studies but even if you are seeking scholarships and exchange programs, Chinese language proficiency can work as a brownie point.


As you know that only few people in India can communicate Chinese, learning Chinese Language can give you an edge over 99% of the Indian Population.


Introducing our amazing Chinese Language Course, to give you smooth access to a comprehensive learning experience right here in the heart of Delhi. Are you a beginner fascinated with the Chinese language? Or is someone willing to hone your existing Chinese language skills? Well, no matter what criteria you fall into, our experienced language instructors will guide you through an immersive and interactive language learning experience. At Mentor Language, we highly believe that starting off with a weak foundation can risk the heights of a building. Keeping that in mind, specifically designed to give beginners a strong foothold in this language learning journey. You might be wondering how we do it. We make this possible through a balanced combination of engaging lessons, interactive activities, and practical exercises. We ensure our students develop a strong grasp of not just fluency but Chinese Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure.

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Most of the language courses in town emphasize theory and feed typical bookish knowledge to the student. On the other hand, at Mentor Language which is a Chinese Language Institute in Delhi, we put more weight on practical communication skills. Language learning is at its best when you can implement your learning in your real-life situations and daily conversations. Our tailored curriculum delivers more than just book learning. We let our students live every bit of their learning through dialogues, role-plays, and interactive exercises that simulate real-world scenarios. This unconventional approach empowers our students to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the most natural way.

Not just some locally qualified professionals but choose highly qualified Chinese speakers who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to each student’s progress. Our staff ensures a supportive and encouraging learning environment. We make sure every student feels confident and motivated throughout their language learning journey with us.

So this is your chance! Enroll with us today to experience the power of Chinese Culture with our amazing Chinese Language Course in Delhi.

So what are you waiting for? That one BIG opportunity is knocking on your door!

No matter if you are travelling to China for business purposes, seeking career advancement internationally, or simply exploring your love for languages, our course will prepare you with the right set of skills, required to succeed in China.

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Get detailed attention and ample time with exceptional coaching with us. Allow us to help you shape better and score higher!

The Mentor Language Institute  offers a comprehensive course sequence of  Chinese language  from beginner to advanced levels. Students can enroll in classroom track, summer intensive track, or individualized track classes to gain proficiency in spoken communication, reading, writing and listening. With closed classes for native speakers and 3,500 characters to learn, the Mentor Language Institute  provides the reader/writer with the skills necessary to handle daily Chinese literacy demands. The Language Program offers a one-year  Chinese course sequence with occasional second-year and May term offerings. Classes are designed to give the students the tools and skills to be able to engage in communications on topics taught in the textbook orally or in writing, and express themselves in complex sentences or short paragraphs. This course provides a great opportunity to learn Chinese and gain insight into the culture and language.

Join our amazing chinese language institute in delhi

We all want to make a space in the flourishing careers related to the Chinese language, but little do we realize the importance of learning at the right institute. Mentor Language, being one of the renowned Chinese Language Institute in Delhi, has helped thousands of students who aspired to a successful career in the Chinese Language. 

At Mentor Language, We have in house experience and qualified professionals. With their guidance, you will not only develop linguistic competence but also gain insights into Chinese Language Culture, Customs and traditions. Just Imagine being able to communicate with people in native Chinese ! It can lead you to converse better with new friends and colleagues, appreciate Chinese media, and explore destinations without any fear of communication barriers. 

Not just this, but once you get your fluency right, you can easily pursue career opportunities in different professional fields, such as finance, marketing , manufacturing, technology and much more. The language proficiency you will acquire after joining our Chinese language course will turn out to be invaluable in building a successful professional life. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, which has led to a spike in the demand for professionals who can communicate with Chinese Speakers. Your Chinese Language skills can turn you into a precious asset to international organizations, government agencies, non profit sectors that deal with Chinese communities. Along with deeper cultural understanding, learning Chinese will give you a novel perspective to apply in your academic and creative pursuits. Also, there are many prestigious universities established in China that offer a wide range of academic programs for international students. By investing your time and money to learn this language, you can get easy access to quality education with opportunities for academic and personal growth in the flourishing country of China. Enroll in our amazing Chinese Language Course in Delhi today ! and Learn to speak fluent Chinese in just a matter of time!



Learning French can open up a world of new opportunities, from travel to work, and can help you to appreciate the culture and beauty of French-speaking countries.

Spoken English

Build your English-speaking foundation stronger. From basic to the advanced concept, you will get familiar with the language.


The course is designed to help students gain proficiency in spoken communication, writing, and reading, enabling them to communicate confidently in the language.






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